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The Imperfect Atlas


The Imperfect Atlas Archive In his newest series, Imperfect Atlas, Funch addresses time and its passage on multiple levels: the spatiotemporal change of a landscape,the reimagined wilderness captured in three distinct moments transposed as one, and historical narratives on the brink of both rediscovery and reinvention. The project features images captured during Funch’s multiple trips…

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42nd and Vanderbilt


42nd and Vanderbilt Archive Between 8:30 am and 9:30 am, from 2007 to 2016, at the southern corner of 42nd street and vanderbilt avenue in new york city. The book “42nd and Vanderbilt” is published by TBW Books Douglas Coupland Nov. 2016 The work of Peter Funch is, in the most captivating sense of the…


Last Flight


Last Flight Archive Peter Funch’s Last Flight is a photographic series based around an event. That event is the demolition of a bridge in Atchison, Kansas, an American city with an industrial past and about 11,000 citizens on the Missouri river. Atchison is the birthplace of the mythic American pilot Amelia Earhart, and the bridge…

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Studies Of Last Flight


Studies Of Last Flight Archive

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Babel Tales


Babel Tales Archive “Babel Tales is a series of works that focus on human relations (or the lack thereof) in big cities. Peter Funch’s project is a junction between documentary photography and manipulated photography. Through repetition and juxtaposition he zooms in on human similarities and collective behavior and ends up creating a strange poetic and…


Babel Tales Studies


Babel Tales Studies Archive

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Images Of Dream And History


Images Of Dream And History Archive

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Danish Diaries


Danish Diaries Archive

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Amsterdam Stories


Amsterdam Stories Archive

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Roadside Picnic #3


Roadside Picnic #3 Archive In the area of Chernobyl, 2007


Installation Views


Installation Views Archive