25 Years of Fotografisk Center

New anthology

Published by Fotografisk Center Forlag

Danish Photography For 25 Years

Edited By Kristine Kern.
Published By Forlaget Fotografisk Center, 2021.

Yarn-Bound Swiss Bandage With Black Fabric In The Back.
Cover Printed In Black On Through-Colored Silver-Shiny Paper.
Content Printed On Uncoated White Paper.
232 Pages.

Graphic Design: Claus Due.

Repro And Print: Narayana Press.

What Has Happened In Danish Art Photography In The Last 25 Years? And How Did We Get To Where We Are Today? In Reality – Danish Photography For 25 Years Has Been Published On The Occasion Of The Photographic Center’s 25th Anniversary. During The Centre’s Lifetime, Danish Photography Has Developed Significantly In An Artistic Context.

Based On The Last Three Decades, The Book Writes Photographic History Through A Series Of Reflections In Danish Photography From Thematic, An Institutional, An Exhibition And Reception Historical And An Artistic Perspective. In Addition, The Origins And Development Of The Danish Photo Book Are Discussed, As Well As The Start And Early Years Of The Photographic Center. The Anthology Is Edited By Kristine Kern.