The Imperfect Atlas book is part of the group show INDEX NATURAE Omnefest 2023

The book The Imperfect Atlas  is part of the group show INDEX NATURAE Omnefest 2023


22 September – 29 October
Castelfranco Veneto
Villa Parco Bolasco
INDEX NATURAE – Skinnerboox
Index Naturae brings together 116 photobooks published in the last five years on the theme of nature, collected and displayed on the occasion of the exhibition of the same title presented at OMNEFEST 2023. Excluding a priori the geographical limit, the research proposes experiences on the theme of five continents that find a specific reference in the origin of the author involved or in the place of investigation. This book is a sort of encyclopedic book, a “book of books” in which every entry, that is, every book, offers itself as a tool capable of suggesting different trajectories of interpretation of nature, of its constituent elements and the relationship that man has with them today. Index Naturae therefore suggests a system of unexpected relationships that – as Gianfranco Baruchello states – simulates the complexity of the associative processes of the mind. In this sense, if the photo–of–photo on the one hand generates a loss of quality, on the other increases the conceptual potential of the images.
Curated by Stefania Rössl, Massimo Sordi
Designed by Damiano Fraccaro / Otium
Publisher Skinnerboox
ISBN 978-88-94895-68-1

List of Authors:

Lynn Alleva Lilley, Martin Amis, Paula Anta, Regina Anzenberger, Israel Ariño, Mattia Balsamini, Aurore Bagarry, Tim Barber, Jasper Bastian, Marijn Bax, Annamaria Belloni, Aladin Borioli, Barbara Bosworth, Anne-Lise Broyer, Simon Brugner, Michele Buda, Sabine Bungert, Jean-Marc Caimi, Tim Carpenter, Melissa Catanese, Dieter Daemen, Claudia den Boer, Stefan Dolfen, Matt Dunne, Mendia Echeverria, Tealia Ellis Ritter, Sibylle Eimermacher, Judith Engel, Philippe Fragnière, Jenia Fridlyand, Bernhard Fuchs, Peter Funch, Anne Geene, Malin Gezelius, Simone Gooch, Peter Granser, Saskia Groneberg, Yann Gross, Pea Guilmoth, Alex Hanimann, Jana Hartmann, Fujita Haruka, Derek Henderson, Sabine Hess, Bianca Hester, Nicolai Howalt, Samuel James, Gerry Johansson, Hajime Kimura, Rory King, Ville Kansanen, Franziska Klose, Irene Kopelman, Mariken Kramer, Ingar Krauss, Mona Kuhn, Robbie Lawrence, Jochen Lempert, Baptiste Lignel, Alex Llovet, Lilia Luganskaia, Janelle Lynch, Sandrine Marc, Morganna Magee, Tanya Marcuse, Lous Martens, Charlott Markus, Brian McSwain, Francesco Merlini, Harrison Miller, Gerlinde Miesenböck, Alyssa Minahan, Ann-Kathrin Müller, Katsu Naito, Tommy Nease, Francesco Neri, Drew Nikonowicz, Okuyama Miyuki, Yokonami Osamu, Giulia Parlato, Heleen Peeters, Andrea Pertoldeo, Valentina Piccinni, Klaus Pichler, John Priola, Augustin Rebetez Jake Reinhart, Anna Reivilä, Meghann Riepenhoff, Michael Romstöck, Costanza Santilli, Amanda Sauer, Jaap Scheeren, Hans-Christian Schink, Eugenie Shinkle, Joao Paulo Serafim, Shiraishi Shinichiro, Sara Skorgan Teigen, Donavon Smallwood, Massimo Sordi, John Spinks, Batia Suter, Siri Ekker Svendsen, Dániel Szalai, Kyoji Takahashi, Dominique Teufen, Oriane Thomasson, Awoiska van der Molen, Julie van der Vaart, Terri Weifenbach, Virginia Wilcox, Henk Wilds