“Possibilities of the future – Realities from the past” premieres at Lumieres Nordiques

Possibilities of the future – Realities from the past premieres at Jumièges Abbey at the festival Lumiere Nordique 2022


Possibilities of the future – Realities from the past premieres at

Jumièges Abbey at the festival Lumiere Nordique 2022

8 DANISH ARTISTS- Denmark in Jumièges

March 24 – June 19, 2022

The works presented at Jumièges are an opportunity to discover a
abundant contemporary creation in Denmark. Photography
is associated with a wide range of projects: works at
documentary profile alongside original plastic adventures and
conceptual. Nature occupies a great place: exploration of
mineral and vegetable world, contemplation of light. The artists
engage in a reflection on time, question their perception
of the world ; they digitally rework images or
reappropriate old processes, sometimes even operating without
use the camera. But beyond this diversity
of procedures and commitments, the works also come to weave
links with the place that welcomes them (monument stones, trees
of the park, lapidaries of the abbey house), as well as with the heritage
historical and artistic Normandy in which is established
the Jumièges site.
Through the gaze focused on the vitality of this photograph,
on the diversity of its forms, the exhibition will be a reflection
on themes and concerns specific to Danish artists
contemporaries. The art and culture of this Nordic country benefit
already in France of a certain notoriety in the fields of cinema,
television and literature. The Jumièges exhibition will enrich
this presence with photography.
The exhibition
It will consist of nearly sixty pieces, mostly large
formats, working documents, as well as a projected video
4-minute loop. The works will be distributed
on two levels, each artist having in the abbey dwelling
of a room of its own.
The abbey house is located within the grounds of the park of the abbey of
Jumièges, a renowned historical monument which receives a very large
number of French and foreign visitors, especially in spring
and in summer.
Exhibition presented by Lumières Nordiques for the Department of Seine-
Maritime, with the support of the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs
from Denmark as well as support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Possibilties Of The Future – Realities From The Past