Walk / Gå

“WALK / Gå”


From 22 August, the whole of Sophienholm Kunsthal – outside as well as inside – will be put into play
with the exhibition ‘GO’, which looks at both the present and the past and involves. 

To walk, trot, trample, trip, stroll, strut, stroll, hike, pull, hike, wade. Our relationship to walking has
its very own cultural history, which art has reflected, shaped and influenced. Once a very central
means of transport, and a way to show his virtue on pilgrimage routes or his status on
promenades and strokes. Most recently with lockdown, walking has become a central way of
socializing, a means of rediscovering oneself and one another.

Integrated with live events, performances and guided walks, you will experience both historical
works and a string of contemporary artists of the time, who all relate to “walking”

Parts of The Imperfect Atlas will be included in this Group Show.


October 26th Louise Opprud and I will do a talk at Sophienholm on the topic Walk/gå

“Man and birds are the only beings who explore the world on two legs. We are bipedal, walkers for
whom the movement on foot has meant survival, evolution and cultural and spiritual development.
Our gait is as unique as our fingerprints and at the same time it is universal, ritual and creative for everyday life and the greatest thoughts in history.

Futurist Louise Opprud and artist and New York flaneur Peter Funch and science and have put  together a multifaceted portrait of the significance of time. From the art of street life in New York with collective experiences and meditative rituals to brain research and new technologies that provide insight into why our best thinking often happens in movement”.
Ticket will for the Talk will be available through Sophienholm Kunsthal.