The Camera and Us

“The Camera and US – Human beings in photography 1845-2021”


New exhibition: The Black Diamond has opened its doors to a Danish sensation. ‘The Camera and Us’ – Denmark’s first permanent exhibition about the history of photography!

‘The Camera and Us’ tells the story of human beings in photography from the years 1845-2021 through more than 250 photographs selected from Det Kgl. Bibliotek’s extensive collection of over 18 million photographs. From the daguerreotypists’ silver-coated metal plates in the 1840s to the 21st century image flow of news photos, fashion photos, mobile shots and not least photographic art selected from the National Collection of Photography’s works.For the past ten years, the camera has gone from mostly being a guest on special occasions to being a regular companion in all aspects of our everyday lives. Using our documented everyday life as basis, ‘The Camera and Us’ asks what photography does to our perception of ourselves and our perceptions of each other.Eight thematic reflections open up the world of photography and show a wide range of photographic genres such as portrait photography, family albums, identification photography, pornographic photography, press photos and fashion photos.Experience works by photographers such as Arvida Byström, Pia Arke, Peter Elfelt, Richard Avedon, Claude Cahun, Martin Parr, Thomas Ruff, Tove Kurzweil, Krass Clement, Nicolai Howalt, Fryd Frydendahl, Peter Funch and many more photographers from both Denmark and abroad.The exhibition is open Monday-Saturday. The ticket gives access to all exhibitions in The Black Diamond on the day of purchase.