42nd and Vanderbilt at Images Vevey Biennale

Unexpected. Le hasard des choses


The method used for taking these pictures is clear and simple: same time, same place, but a different day. Peter Funch stood on the corner of New York’s 42nd Street and Vanderbilt between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. every single day for nine years, pointing his long-lens camera at anonymous passers-by. Having trained in photojournalism, Peter Funch’s photographic approach stems from both social observation and cinematographic language. By tracking the habits of the various people he spotted several times at that same time of day at that very same crossroads, the photographer illustrates the repetitive nature of a timetabled, routine existence. Each photograph bears the date and time when it was taken. The series juxtaposes portraits of the same person on different days, with the subject constantly oblivious to the camera. In Vevey, it is presented in a public space near a crossroads that comes alive every morning and evening with commuters whoeat, work, sleep, repeat’.